The first day I heard this beautiful South Africa gospel singer Nono sing, I was blown away and went straight into worship mode, I could feel the grace and anointing of God upon her life right there and then I knew I just had to interview her, and today I present to you the vocal power house called Nono Size Madolo enjoy

Hi Nono how are you may we meet you?

I am doing very good, thank you.
Oh yes, please and thank you for the interest.

Can you tell us about growing up?

Well, I am the eldest of 5 children. Originally from South Africa.
I grew up in South Africa till about the age 14, and then my parents came to Ireland.
So you could call me SouthIrish in a way. I grew up in a Christian home, where God was centre stage.
Many wonderful memories and some bad too. I was very academic and loved music. My fondest memories of growing up though will have to be Saturday summer mornings, when mum would involve us in her spring cleaning back home in S.A. The sun was a thrill to work in and rest in too, with your guava juice in hand.
Absolutely miss those days.

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