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According to Kiss Daniel’s official DJ, DJ Shabzy,  DJs are richer than artistes in Nigeria because DJs save more than artistes. He told showtime in an exclusive chat that unlike DJs who get to save more of their income, Nigerian artistes spend extravagantly to maintain their identity and status but DJs have no reason to do so therefore they save more of their income.

“As a matter of fact when you talk about the revenue in the music industry; DJs get to save much more than the artistes, I’m not talking about the A’list artistes now, I’m talking about the average artistes that are known.

I can tell you that DJs probably earn much more and save more than the artistes because DJs get to go for shows back to back; our standard of living is less to what the artistes will have to live on. Artistes want to change clothes every minute but DJs don’t really have reasons to go into that kind of lifestyle, because we have the name out there but less is to the identity, so it saves us much than the artistes. We are doing better than them, I’m not top notch, but I’m doing fine.”

He pointed out a key area the music industry needs to urgently address before it erodes the very essence and credibility of the creative craft. He told Showtime that in his experience in the music industry, some artistes personally pay people to pirate their own songs, just to spin a web of controversy that will promote it.

He said; “One thing I think artistes in Nigeria are doing that is not so cool and needs to be addressed is going to the extent of paying people to pirate their own songs all in the name of promotion.”

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