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The first day I heard this beautiful South Africa gospel singer Nono sing, I was blown away and went straight into worship mode, I could feel the grace and anointing of God upon her life right there and then I knew I just had to interview her, and today I present to you the vocal power house called Nono Size Madolo enjoy

Hi Nono how are you may we meet you?

I am doing very good, thank you.
Oh yes, please and thank you for the interest.

Can you tell us about growing up?

Well, I am the eldest of 5 children. Originally from South Africa.
I grew up in South Africa till about the age 14, and then my parents came to Ireland.
So you could call me SouthIrish in a way. I grew up in a Christian home, where God was centre stage.
Many wonderful memories and some bad too. I was very academic and loved music. My fondest memories of growing up though will have to be Saturday summer mornings, when mum would involve us in her spring cleaning back home in S.A. The sun was a thrill to work in and rest in too, with your guava juice in hand.
Absolutely miss those days.

How old you were when you start singing?

I couldn’t really give you a specific age, as I grew up in a family that sings.
My mum’s sisters sang all the time, my dad’s family sang swell. Plus the church was the place when it came to singing.
So really feels like I’ve been singing since forever because of all the music around me. However, because I was very shy growing up, people didn’t really take notice of me singing till I was about say 13-14 but my school teachers knew, since the age of 8 they had me in musical plays.

How did you get involved with ministry?

Singing in different choirs and different musical events all led to an understanding of my being called into ministry.
I loved music, but I still hadn’t taken to it as a ministry tool as such. I could say as I grew in the Lord and had a deeper understanding of his purpose in my life is when I could say I really got into ministry. And although I
have been singing for a while, that revelation of purpose in Christ has only been in the past 5 years.

Do you ever wonder why God chose you to do what you do?

Honestly, I do! I remember being at RTE rehearsing to sing live on tv ‘Fair Fair Land’ a song written by myself and three well-known singers in Ireland by Brendan Graham (Brendan wrote ‘You raise me up” for the boyband Westlife and did many other songs for many famous people).
That day my voice was not operating at all, I had a cold. So I was really nervous because not only is my voice not working but all these big people are gonna be here rehearsing with me and I’ve no voice. So the ladies came in, and my God could they sing one had an amazing Opera voice, another a very beautiful Irish traditional voice with the riffs and runs and the other, her voice could put a lion to sleep, she sang like a priceless unique bird. And there I was with no voice, I couldn’t even hum without my throat acting up. So although I took it easy at that rehearsal, I was still embarrassed, and I was really upset. But I remember sitting back and asking God why I
was there? I felt so undeserving of such an opportunity. I remember God saying, ‘ every opportunity I give,
I give to use you, to shine for my Glory! How else will they know your God lives! They have to see him through you! Not only that, I put you among such greatness, so you know that if it were to be your voice, I have too many to
pick from it’s not about your voice, it’s about your heart and service to me!” That day on, I was determined to shine for Jesus! For that is the only reason God has called me.
Do you sing only Gospel song if yes why gospel and not R ‘N’ B or soul music or any other genre?

Yes, I sing Gospel. To glorify God in all I do. I could sing soul and r&b, genres I love too…but when you’ve tasted of God’s love, there is no other love you wanna sing about really!

The Gospel is a bit overcrowded how do you intend to set yourself apart?

Moses while being sent by God said, God, if you do not go with me, I cannot go! How else will they set me apart from everyone else? Its, not in maybe maximising my gift or changing/adding to my act etc….for me the presence of
God is the ultimate thing that sets apart. Let me say, the Gospel can never be overcrowded if that was the case, the whole world would know about Jesus.

Tell us about your  album Tefillah

‘Tefillah’ is the name of the album‘Tefillah’ is a Hebrew word that means a deeper revelation or understanding of prayer according to Jewish tradition! Teffillah: ‘a labour of awakening the hidden love within the heart until a state of intimate union with the divine is achieved’.The Jews explain that what makes it different from prayer is that, unlike prayer, where you are inclined to beg God, Tefillah is where you are in constant conversation with God, and by doing so, unlock parts of your heart to God & then He converses with you.

This album took me two years to produce.  And I thank God for my brother and producer John Murinye, who was a great support throughout the journey of the album. To fans, wow…its kinda weird for me to say fans sometimes, so I will say to all Jesus lovers and my appreciators, everyone that bought the album,  I’m hope  it challenges you and encourages you at the same time, to seek more of his presence.

Did you encounter any challenges so far in your music career?

Oh yes, you’re never called without challenges along the way! Which is what my first single, ‘Prayer’ was about?
I’ll just mention 3, 1, Totally abandoning all else to serve God can be a challenge as a young person, in a world that so much preaches pride of life. But every day, I am souled out to winning souls for Christ!
2. Having family and everyone around you believe in what God has put in your heart can be a challenge when they don’t see it like you do especially when they have ideas about what they see you doing in the future.
3, God sometimes in his leading doesn’t give details about how things would happen, so you have to really trust him but I have learned that if he called you, he is sure to provide.

Who are your influences?

I have had many down the years, but at the moment, I have to say, My Pastor, Pastor Emmanuel Might! A great man of God! Who has really challenged my relationship with Christ! He leads the Solid Rock church out in Inchicore with Pastor Evelyn Might and many other wonderful pastors. I have to say, T.D. Jakes makes me think ever so profoundly! And although I have many gospel greats, I have to say, Keira Sheared is an amazing young woman of God, whose ministry from a young age challenged me about devoting myself to the things of God!

What inspires your music and what Bible verse  inspires you?

The Holy Spirit, and also life events that happen to me. My favourite has to be Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the
The Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

What’s another career interest you had outside of singing?

Well, I studied Journalism for my degree and did a Masters in Broadcasting as I had always wanted to be a tv journalist. I have had a few opportunities in this field and currently work at Spirit Radio….where I host Sounds Of Praise every Saturday night at 8 pm. I am also now perusing bible studies with the Northern Californian Bible School.

Who are your top 5 favourite Christian artists?
1. Rebecca Malope
2. Shirley Caesar
3. Cece Winans
4.Kierra Sheared
5.Tasha Cobbs

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

Wow, five years is really in Gods’ hands but by His grace, I see myself, ministering the more
with maybe a second or 3rd album out. I see myself having completed my bible studies and Christian psychology studies and God may be leading me to where I can set up a practice.

Any advice for upcoming gospel artist?

Your not upcoming, you already are a vessel in Gods’ hands. You are an oracle of God!
Let every word that comes out of your mouth of God be a testament to the life you live! Let
And, above all, get to know Gods voice for yourself.

Message for your fans?
Pray for me! And remember there is nothing in this world, that you could ever do, to make God love you less. He loves you, all of you! And desires to have an intimate relationship with you. Keep
Strive to please only him! Thank you so much for all your well thoughts of me and the ministry!

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