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Dublin based fashion designer Irene Bazunu popularly known as FBR takes us through her childhood, passion for fashion and challenges she encountered in her journey into the fashion industry in Ireland, Enjoy

May we meet you?
My name is Irene Bazunu. I am a fashion designer based in Ireland, originally from Nigeria, Delta state. I am resident in Ireland for over 15 years.
Who inspired your fashion while growing up?
No body influence me fashion wise while I was growing cos again designing wasn’t in my list of dos. I just had my own personal style.

What does Fashion mean to you?

Fashion means ART, CREATIVITY, PERSONAL STYLE, INSPIRATION to me. What inspires your designs? What inspires my designs may sound cliche, the spirit of God, at the beginning when I was led to go into design, there’s no night I don’t see various styles, fabrics in my sleep and Colours, Women’s physic, fabrics, objects, painting etc, everything inspires me. How would you describe your collections? My collections are very interesting, exquisite, fabulous and unique. FBR is for any woman that has confident; carry’s herself royally, and ready to take chances, any woman that thinks outside the box by coming out of her comfort zone can WEAR FBR. I take pride in my entire piece, why? Because from the vision to the sketch table, then to the finishing is all joy fulfilling to me, that’s my profit.
How do you source for your fabrics?
I source my fabrics myself, I always hand pick my fabrics all over the world, China, Dubai, UK, Africa to name a few, that’s why my customers love all my designs because the fabric is just exquisite in colour and soft on the skin.
How has the response being for FBR?
I must say the response has being great from all my satisfy customers, I do get tips, thank you cards and gifts sometimes from my FBR clients. The RTE NATIONWIDE TELEVISION also contributed to my huge success over the past year of huge sales when a documentary was done on my piece, and since then it has been repeatedly shown over and over again. Which I am extremely thankful for.
Has there been any challenges so far?
FBR initial challenges were how to get the Irish customers to believe in me, I had sleepless nights, but God stepped in, I didn’t have to worry for too long because my crafts ( incorporating of fabrics to make a stylish statement) spoke for itself. I love manipulating fabrics together. That’s my SIGNATURE.
Any advice for upcoming fashion designers?
My advice to every upcoming designer is FOLLOW UR HEART, DON’T GIVEUP ON YOUR DREAMS, if that vision is from the MOST HIGH, it will surely come to pass, make sure your motive is not all about money, because the days that you don’t make money from the designs, you will easily pack up.
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