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Fast rising Nollywood actress Bewaji Folashade, is full of thanks to God as she saw her own life flash right before her eyes. It was yesterday evening around Akobo in Ibadan, Oyo State.
The actress had gone to a movie location and while returning, she took a bike (remember I told you she is a fast rising actress, don’t worry, Range soon) not knowing they were kidnappers. As soon as she noticed something funny, they asked her to cooperate and they rode on.

But a very smart her decided to fight back, knowing once they got to their destination she will be helpless. So as soon as they got somewhere where she noticed people might hear when she screams, she decided to fight them.They all fell from the machine and she kept screaming. Luckily for her, some people heard her ran out and that’s how the kidnappers fled. We are so happy for her.

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