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As a makeup artist one question I get asked all the time by ladies is how do you get you eye brows done so perfectly? My answer is always it is easy but you need the skills to get it right. I am going to give us a step by step guide on grooming the brows

When it comes to the face and makeup the brow is the most important feature, all angles of the face is determined by the brow. They can narrow or widen the eyes. When it comes to grooming the eyebrows for makeup it is important to let your natural shape be your guide.

Here are some techniques I use on my face and on clients

  • First make sure you trim your eyebrows with a brow razor or tweezers, before you start tweezing use an eyebrow pencil to draw or mark out the part of the brow you want tweezed, I personally prefer to use a coloured eye liner preferably white
  • Using a magnifying mirror slowly tweeze/pluck your brows taking one hair at a time so you don’t over tweeze/pluck. Do not tweeze/pluck brows into a thin line. It can look dated or give the face a surprised look and this shape is not easy to correct once the damage is done.
  • Make sure the beginning of the brow aligns with the centre of the nostril you can use a pencil to get the measurement accurate
  • The arch should be from the tip of your nose through your pupil
  • The end is a line from your outer nose through the outer eye corner
  • The eyebrow should follow the length of the eye but it shouldn’t extend into the temple area. The basic rule is that the front part of the brow should never drop below the back part of the brow.

After you have done tweezing or plucking your brows in to shape it is now time for a brow makeup or lining the brow.

Make up

Always remember that your eyebrows

  • Your eye pencil should be your perfect shade or a shade lighter, please ladies never use red or black eye pencil it is a big no no always use dark brown
  • Sharpen your eye pencil properly before using because a blunt pencil can give you a pasted appearance.
  • Start by lining your brows using angled brush and eye shadow/brow shadow or pencil
  • Start from below your brows draw a line carefully as shown in the diagram above from angles A to C,
  • Try not to over shade or draw heavy strokes while lining your brows.
  • Using d side of your eye pencil, fill the middle of your brows lightly by shading till your eyebrow is properly covered.
  • Using wand brush (looks like a mascara brush) soften up and evenly distribute the shadow by gently brushing the eyebrow
  • Make sure there are no stray marks.If so, you can remove them by taking a cotton swab lightly soaked with eye makeup remover and gently rub away the errors.

Primrose Dodo is a Dublin based freelance makeup artist and blogger

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