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Whilst talking to my son the other day about women’s style he busted out how come you beauticians and makeup artist don’t talk about male grooming and I said to myself Primmy he is right better include it in your magazine

A lot of guys mostly men of African descent find it difficult to walk in to a shop to buy male grooming product because according to them people will see them as weak or feminine, there’s nothing Neanderthal about your body, and appearance is not vain, most women to see what you call masculine as sexy, the truth is male grooming is very important, you will be surprised at how it can change your appearance it gives you confidence and a breath of new life into your existing wardrobe. Here is my step to step guide for essential grooming.  Tips every stylish and successful man must have

  • Jagged and long nails: Is a no no for guys unless you a lady who needs long nail please guys please keep your nails short and neat, honestly I see men who keep their nails long as dirty men who don’t care about their appearance cut and file your nails regularly and also make sure that they don’t have any residue of food or dirt stuck in them
  • Back and chest hairs: I asked a few women what they thought about back and chest hair hair and every one of them  hated it and that it not sexy, you can manage these has by waxing, laser hair removal or trimming
  • Discoloured teeth; please guys use a tooth whitening toothpaste or better still see you dentist for a tooth whitening procedure
  • Hair cut always go in for regular haircuts at your barbers never let us know you just got a haircut so stop leaving it for more than a month before cutting it
  • Body odour: this has no place in a modern man; please bath regularly at least two times a day and you a nice deodorant Also, never ever try to disguise body odour with cologne. It’s the worst thing you could possibly do have a bath
  • Nose and ear hair: A lot of guys from the ages of 30 start having hair growing from their nose and ears and a lot of them tend to ignore it please take care of it, get a nose trimmer it will help deal with these pesky hairs do this at least once a week
  • Facial hair: just like the eyebrows, this can help define your face a male if you have it. Facial hair can add definition to a soft face or ruggedness to a childish one visit your barber who will help trim you facial hair (beard) to suit your face shape. For those of you who don’t like facial hair shave regularly
  • Take care of your skin by pampering it, drink at least two liters of water a day, and eat a lot of fruits it will help your skin glow. Get enough sleep so you don’t have puffy eyes and do use a moisturize, no bleaching cream please

Next edition we will be talking about the ten must have items for male grooming.


Primrose Dodo(Dublin basedFreelance makeup artist)

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