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Wow this is pathetic according to a blog visitor on SDK Blog the General hospital in Udi Enugu State is in a deplorable state and he sent her these photos to prove it umu ndi Udi Enugu State wake up and demand for ur hospital to be renovated its your right?
”The state of the hospital is bad I cant say it all but I will just list some of the atrocities going on here, the health and wellbeing of people is at stake
*** patients upon admission have no toilets or bathroom to use as the only one available is locked and no all they do is go to the bush
***The doctors are being paid call allowance but you will never see anyone attending to the patients on bed once its past 4 o’clock,patients are at the mercy of auxilliary nurses.
***none of the windows in the wards has nets and believe me patients are admitted there for days.

*** A hospital that cant boast of enough drugs in the pharmacy and no equipment in the lab for common tests you need to see the out of stock list.
****The whole environment is dirty.
****a patient who happens to be a staff nearly lost her life recently,she was told that she had hernia..on completion of the surgery,she became swollen and the content of her GIT was coming out,we thought it was pus until she nearly died and was transferred to another facility in Anambra.We later found out that the surgery was not properly carried out and to make matters worse she got infected while in the ward.
Attached here are pictures so you can see yourself.this is the largest hospital in udi.

These are some of the abadoned projects in the hospital.and the last picture shows what the hospital looks like at night”

Source SDK Blog

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