Beauty Style

Beauty Style


As a makeup artist one question I get asked all the time by ladies is how do you get you eye brows done so perfectly? My answer is always it is easy but you need the skills to get it right. I am going to give us a step by step guide on grooming the brows

When it comes to the face and makeup the brow is the most important feature, all angles of the face is determined by the brow. They can narrow or widen the eyes. When it comes to grooming the eyebrows for makeup it is important to let your natural shape be your guide.

Beauty Style


Whilst talking to my son the other day about women’s style he busted out how come you beauticians and makeup artist don’t talk about male grooming and I said to myself Primmy he is right better include it in your magazine

A lot of guys mostly men of African descent find it difficult to walk in to a shop to buy male grooming product because according to them people will see them as weak or feminine, there’s nothing Neanderthal about your body, and appearance is not vain, most women to see what you call masculine as sexy, the truth is male grooming is very important, you will be surprised at how it can change your appearance it gives you confidence and a breath of new life into your existing wardrobe. Here is my step to step guide for essential grooming.  Tips every stylish and successful man must have

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